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Photo of Tsengdar Lee and Phil Webster
High-End Computing (HEC) at NASA: An Interview with Tsengdar Lee and Phil Webster
Two HEC Program leaders discuss its role within NASA and the impact of IT industry trends on computational science and engineering.
MERRA visualization
MERRA Project to Reconstruct Last 30 Years of Earth's Climate and Weather
The largest application ever hosted by the NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) will produce a comprehensive record of the atmosphere during the Earth-observing satellite era.
photo of Discover
Discover Cluster Expands with New Processors and Visualization Capabilities
With the addition of 1,024 processors, Discover will offer five times the computing power of the NCCS system it replaces.
Photo of Centrella and collaborators
NASA Achievement Medal Goes to HEC Investigator Joan Centrella
For groundbreaking work in black hole research, Goddard Space Flight Center's Centrella received the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal.
Visualization of in-flight icing prediction
Project FastPath: Supporting Decision-Making with NASA Modeling
This alliance between HEC and NASA's Applied Sciences Program aims to put the power of model-based prediction into decision-makers' hands.


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