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Photo of ice sheets
Getting a Grip on Ice Sheet Changes
To better understand how climate change will affect the Greenland ice sheet, scientists modeled the melting Laurentide ice sheet of 9,000 years ago.
MATLAB graphical user interface
NCCS Offering Parallel MATLAB on Discover Cluster
The NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) is offering a parallel version of the popular software tool to its user community for evaluation.
Illustration of Cell processor components
NASA Study: Cell Processor Shows Promise for Climate Modeling
In a feasibility study funded by NASA's HIgh-End Computing Program, the IBM Cell Broadband Engine significantly outperformed conventional processor cores.
Visualization of Ensemble mean differences in total atmospheric dust loading over North America
Modeling the Dust Bowl Climate Forcings
A series of climate model simulations studied how dust storms altered precipitation during the Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s.
Satellites observing Sun and Earth
NCCS Support of Space Exploration: Improving Space Weather Modeling Required for Interplanetary Travel
Simulating phenomena from the Sun to Earth, Goddard Space Flight Center scientists are using the NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) to advance space weather modeling.
Visualization of damage configuation on shuttle tiles
Urgent Computing in Support of Space Shuttle Orbiter Reentry
The rapid aerothermal analysis capability put in place during NASA’s return-to-flight efforts has proven to be a critical component of the damage assessment process.


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