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A diagram of the current NISN network

NISN's Wide-Area Network Expansion (WANX), scheduled for 2009, will upgrade the NASA backbone network to 10 gigabits per second. Figure courtesy of NISN.

ARC = Ames Research Center
CIEF = Carrier Independent Exchange Facility
DFRC = Dryden Flight Research Center
Gbps = Gigabits per second
GRC = Glenn Research Center
GSFC = Goddard Space Flight Center
HQ = Headquarters
IV&V = Independent Verification & Validation Facility
JPL = Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSC = Johnson Space Center
KSC = Kennedy Space Center
LaRC = Langley Research Center
MAF = Michoud Assembly Facility
Mbps = Megabits per second
MSFC = Marshall Space Flight Center
OC = Optical Carrier
SONET = Synchronous Optical Network
SSC = Stennis Space Center
VAFB = Vandenberg Air Force Base
WAN = Wide-Area Network
WSC = White Sands Complex
WSTF = White Sands Test Facility