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Photo of Pleiades, NASA's newest supercomputer
11.18.08 - NASA Supercomputer Ranks Among World's Fastest
NASA's newest supercomputer at Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., has garnered the number three spot on the Top500 list of the world's most powerful computers.
SC08 logo
11.06.08 - NASA Showcases Science at 2008 Supercomputing Conference
NASA will highlight some of its most inspiring science and engineering achievements at the International Conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC08), at the Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, Nov. 15–21, 2008.
Photo of new IBM iDataPlex racks
09.23.08 - New NASA Supercomputer Will Play Critical Role as Scientists Simulate Climate, Weather and Solar Activity
The NCCS has selected an IBM iDataPlex cluster-style supercomputer, which is being integrated with the existing "Discover' cluster for a combined performance of 67 trillion calculations per second (teraflops).
photo of NAS hyperwall-2
06.25.08 - NASA Develops World's Highest Resolution Visualization System
The power to visualize highly complex information in a way that's easier for the human mind to grasp is taking a giant leap forward with the advent of NASA's new hyperwall-2 system unveiled today at Ames Research Center.
Graphic showing global forest cover
06.12.08 - NASA Aircraft Examine Impact of Forest Fires on Arctic Climate
NASA aircraft will follow the trails of smoke plumes from some of Earth's northernmost forest fires, examining their contribution to arctic pollution. Researchers will use the data to validate satellite observations and improve model predictions.
Heliophysics simulation image
05.21.08 - NASA Presentations at American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly
The presentations include a talk on "Simulating Sources of Superstorm Plasmas," research being carried out at the NASA Center for Computational Sciences.
Photo of SGI ICE system
05.07.08 - NASA, Intel, SGI Plan to 'Soup Up' Supercomputer
NASA, Intel Corp., and SGI today announced the signing of an agreement establishing intentions to collaborate on significantly increasing the space agency’s supercomputer performance and capacity.
Photo of NAS building
04.24.08 - Ozone Hole Recovery May Reshape Southern Hemisphere Climate Change
A full recovery of the stratospheric ozone hole could strongly modify climate change in the Southern Hemisphere and possibly amplify warming of the Antarctic continent, according to simulations using NASA's Columbia supercomputer.
Photo of NAS building
04.21.08 - NAS Facility Marks 25 Years of Accomplishments
This year marks the 25th anniversary of NASA's premier supercomputing organization at Ames Research Center. Agency officials today observed the occasion of the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division's legacy of accomplishments in high-performance computing, and aerospace modeling and simulation.
Photo of B-200 aircraft
04.01.08 - NASA Launches Airborne Study of Arctic Atmosphere, Air Pollution
The Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites, or ARCTAS, is the most extensive field campaign ever to investigate the chemistry of the Arctic's lower atmosphere.


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