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Photo of Pleiades supercomputer
11.18.09 - NASA Supercomputer Ranks Among World's Fastest
NASA's Pleiades supercomputer at Ames Research Center has garnered the number 6 spot on the Top500 list of the world's most powerful computers.
Computer simulation showing clouds over Atlantic
11.04.09 - NASA Showcases "Green" Missions at SC09 Conference
Five NASA centers join forces this month to showcase "green" science, engineering, and technology achievements at SC09, the leading international conference on high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.
Map of the world showing methane concentrations
10.29.09 - Interactions with Aerosols Boost Warming Potential of Some Gases
Certain gases that cause warming are so closely linked with aerosol production that the emissions of one type of pollutant can affect the quantity of the other, as shown by Goddard Institute for Space Studies simulations.
Simulated Earth globe
08.24.09 - NASA Expands High-End Computing System for Climate Simulation
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center made available to scientists in August the first unit of an expanded high-end computing system that will serve as the centerpiece of a new climate simulation capability.
Photo of Spectra T950 tape library
04.20.09 - NASA Ames Selects Spectra Logic Federal for Data Archive
NASA Ames Research Center recently installed two Spectra T950 tape libraries, increasing data storage capacity to 32 petabytes while replacing 10 older-technology silos and freeing more than 1,400 square feet of floor space.
Photo of NASA F-18 jet flying over mountains
01.22.09 - Lancets Flights Probe Supersonic Shockwaves
NASA is concluding a series of flight tests to measure shock waves generated by an F-15 jet in an effort to validate computer models that could be used in designing quieter supersonic aircraft.


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