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3D global hybrid simulation of the Earth's magnetosphere
11.08.11 - NASA Science, Technology Featured at Supercomputing Conference
NASA will highlight the vital role of supercomputing in the search for Earth-size planets, understanding the causes of space weather, improving aircraft performance, designing next-generation spacecraft, and much more at the 24th annual Supercomputing 2011 (SC11) conference.
Photo of Pleiades supercomputer
11.08.11 - NASA Selects Next-Generation SGI Platform for Technology Upgrade
NASA has selected the next-generation SGI® ICE high performance computing platform to extend the computational capability of the Pleiades supercomputer, operated by the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division at Ames Research Center.
Example of Bolshoi simulation image
09.29.11 - NASA Supercomputer Enables Largest Cosmological Simulations
Scientists have generated the largest and most realistic cosmological simulations of the evolving universe to-date, thanks to NASA’s powerful Pleiades supercomputer.
Simulation of Milky Way galaxy
08.25.11 - First Glimpse into Birth of the Milky Way
Astrophysicists from the University of Zurich and the University of California at Santa Cruz have completed the world’s first realistic simulation of the formation of our home galaxy. The new results were calculated on supercomputers at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center and the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility.
Photo of waves crashing against seawall
06.20.11 - NASA's Pleiades Supercomputer Ranks 7th in the World
NASA today announced its largest supercomputer climbed to 7th place on the TOP500 list of the world's most powerful, high-performance computers.
Section from new view of heliosheath
06.09.11 - NASA Probes Suggest Magnetic Bubbles Reside At Solar System Edge
Voyager spacecraft observations, analyzed using a new computer model, suggest the edge of our solar system may not be smooth, but filled with a turbulent sea of magnetic bubbles.
Photo of Pleiades supercomputer
03.30.11 - NASA Extends Contract for Supercomputing Support Services
NASA will exercise the third one-year option on a contract with Computer Sciences Corp. to provide supercomputing support services for the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division at Ames Research Center.
Photo of Donovan Mathias receiving NASA Quality and Safety Award
02.10.11 - Donovan Mathias Receives NASA Quality and Safety Award
NAS aerospace engineer Dovovan Mathias has received the 2010 QASAR award for his innovative approach to risk assessment, which improved the agency's ability to evaluate launch risks for the Ares 1 rocket.


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