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Dear Principal Invesitgators,

The NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is currently gathering requests for High-End Computing (HEC) time on NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Facility and NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) resources for FY10Q1 awards to begin November 1, 2009 and expire October 31, 2010. A committee of SMD program managers will consider requests submitted via e-Books to the SMD rolling submission call by the September 20, 2009 deadline.

Please note that as a result of federal stimulus funding for NASA Earth Science, the amount of time available for HEC Earth Science computational projects will more than double for this award period.

Please submit a request if:

  1. Your current project award expires on October 31, 2009, and you wish to continue the project;
  2. Your current project award has already expired, and you wish to continue the project;
  3. You will have used the entire allocation for a current project before the award expires; or
  4. You have SMD funding for a new project that you wish to begin November 1, 2009.

To submit your request, go to e-Books. Submission instructions are posted in e-Books.

If you have a current project, use the same e-Books user name and password you have been using. You will be given the option to submit a request for a new project or a continuation of any of your current awards (select your most recent award for the project to be continued and be sure to update contract #, SMD Funding Manager, etc.) If you do not have a previous award, follow the directions on the page linked above for obtaining an e-Books username and password. Contact ebooks@reisys.com with questions concerning the e-Books system.

Visit the Computing Systems Overview for information on HEC resources currently available. Discover at NCCS has recently been expanded. Pleiades at NAS is ideal for projects that require a large number of processors. Note that new projects requesting NAS resources will be allocated time on Pleiades, unless the Cover Sheet abstract identifies a specific need for Columbia or Schirra.

Summary of Requirements information must now be entered through the web form, which includes calculation of your requested time allocations for the award year. THERE IS NO PROVISION FOR SUBMITTING A TEXT PROPOSAL, SINCE IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED BY SMD SCIENCE MANAGERS WHEN DECIDING ALLOCATIONS.

Note that unused allocations do not carry over beyond the project award expiration date and that projects cannot be extended beyond their expiration. You can check your current award expiration date in e-Books at the Award Administration e-Book for your project award under +Award Management and then Contract Binder. Also note that greater weight will be given to continuation requests when reports for current awards have been filed in e-Books. In particular, pre-annual reports should include any explanation for low usage of current award allocations.

SMD HEC allocation policy is that allocations greater than 100,000 Standard Billing Units (SBUs) can only be made as determined by SMD program managers during regular decision cycles or with authorization from the HEC Program at NASA Headquarters at other times. Awards granted out of the regular cycle will be small and require resubmission for the next regular cycle. The revised SMD allocation procedure is available at Science Mission Directorate Always Open Call and summarized in the SMD Call posted in e-Books.

For questions on the SMD HEC allocation process or your specific project, please contact support@hec.nasa.gov.

Sally Stemwedel, HEC Allocation Specialist
Global Science & Technology, Inc.
NASA/GSFC Code 606.3


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