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01.10.23 - SMD Time Requests Due Jan. 20
To be considered for new or modified NASA High End Computing (HEC) Science Mission Directorate (SMD) allocations for the period beginning Apr. 1, 2023 (i.e. the 3nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023, SMD23Q3) — no later than Fri., Jan. 20, 2023, please submit requests using the HEC Request Management System (RMS): https://request.hec.nasa.gov.

**If you are a new ROSES selectee and did NOT submit a HEC request via RMS at the time you submitted your proposal to NSPIRES, please email support@hec.nasa.gov at your earliest convenience.**

Please take advantage of this opportunity to:
  1. Submit new requests for NCCS Discover or HECC Pleaides/Aitken/Electra
  2. Submit modification requests via the HEC RMS: https://request.hec.nasa.gov.
  3. Include any changes for FY2023, as well as future years, if needed.
  4. Include any changes for FY2023, as well as future years, if needed.
A quick-start guide to the HEC RMS system is available at https://hec.nasa.gov/request/RMS-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf and a more detailed walkthrough is available at https://hec.nasa.gov/request/HEC_Webinar_RMS_101.pdf.

If you have questions about SMD allocation requests or the HEC RMS, please email support@hec.nasa.gov.


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