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Illustration of exoplanet system
11.22.21 - New Deep Learning Method Adds 301 Planets to Kepler's Total Count
Scientists recently added a whopping 301 newly validated exoplanets to the total exoplanet tally. They used a new deep neural network called ExoMiner that leverages NASA’s Pleiades supercomputer and can distinguish real exoplanets from different types of imposters, or "false positives."

Latest Feature Story

Photo of staff person with a portion of the Aitken supercomputer
11.18.21 - NASA’s Newest Supercomputer Gets a Power Boost
NASA’s Aitken supercomputer is being expanded with 512 new nodes that will be available to scientists and engineers across the country on Nov. 19. The boost brings the system’s theoretical peak performance to 10.77 petaflops—a 28% increase in performance, which translates to solving larger problems with faster results for important NASA research projects in aeronautics, human and robotic space missions, Earth science, and astrophysics.


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