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Artist's conception of the asteroid that ended the reign of the dinosaurs hitting the Earth
07.27.21 - SwRI Team Zeroes in on Source of the Impactor that Wiped Out the Dinosaursa
Southwest Research Institute researchers have shown that the processes that deliver large asteroids to Earth from the outer half of the main asteroid belt occur at least 10 times more frequently than previously thought and that the composition of these bodies match what we know of the dinosaur-killing impactor. Using NASA’s Pleaides supercomputer, the team followed 130,000 model asteroids evolving over hundreds of millions of years.
Photo of Wladimir Lyra looking at a planetary formation model on a laptop
05.11.21 - NSF, NASA Award Funds NMSU Professor’s Research on How Planets Form
A three-year program at New Mexico State University, funded through the National Science Foundation and NASA, will allow astronomy assistant professor Wladimir Lyra to create a roadmap of planet formation using supercomputers, including those at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Facility.


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