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This gallery includes photographs and visualizations from the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division and the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS).

Computing Systems and Facilities

Photo of Pleiades supercomputer Photo of Discover supercomputer Scalable Compute Unit 10 Photo of the 128-screen hyperwall-2 visualization system
Photo of visualization wall/hyperwall showing temperature and precipitation projections for the year 2068    


Scientific Visualizations

Visualization of convective cloud system Flowfield surrounding a Crew Launch Vehicle concept Gamma-ray burst

Visualization of fan chevron nozzle Pressure coefficient on the Space Shuttle Representative isotherm from time-dependent simulation

CFD of concurrent visualization of vorticity magnitude on a cutting plane for the V-22 Osprey rotor in hover Transmission and reflection of a strong shock by an aircraft engine turbine stage. CFD simulation of instantaneous streamlines colored by velocity magnitude.

High-Altitude Two-Plane Interstage Separation of Ares I Large-Scale Simulations of Suspensions Large-Scale Simulations of Suspensions

High-resolution numerical simulation of Young Stars Artificial nucleotide binding protein from molecular dynamics simulation. Flowfield entrainment into cavity from exposed blanket in Assessment of Shuttle OMS Damage




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