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High-End Computing Program

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NASA has a two-part process for getting access to the agency's High-End Computing (HEC) systems: requesting computing time and getting accounts.


Before you request an allocation of time on our HEC systems, you must first meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements to be considered for NASA-sponsored work:

  • NASA grant or cooperative agreement number, contract number, or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) number
  • NASA agreement such as a Space Act Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding
  • NASA Center employee (civil servant or contractor)
Process Overview
To become a NASA HEC user, you must complete a request for computing time. Read this section first to get a good understanding of the general request and approval processes for allocation of computer hours.
Getting Accounts
Once your request for computing time is approved, you need an account to access our HEC systems. Whether you are a Principal Investigator or an associated user, here's the process for getting an account on systems based at NASA's two HEC facilities: NAS and NCCS.


Computing Time Requests Due Jul. 20

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