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06.28.21 – HEC Request Management System (RMS) Info Session
This session for new and migrated principal investigators (PIs) provided an RMS overview, information on new features and the allocation cycle, and tips and tricks.
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10.02.19 – HEC Request Management System
This presentation introduces the HEC Request Management System (RMS) to current and potential HEC users. It provides an overview of RMS functionality as well as tips and tricks for requesting HEC resources.
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06.26.18 - Access to High-End Computing Resources for NASA Earth and Space Science Research
This webinar is intended for current and potential Science Mission Directorate (SMD)-funded users to inform the community of programmatic changes affecting the HEC resource request process. It includes: 1. How to Request HEC Resources, 2. How to Set Up SMD User Accounts, and 3. Q&A Session.
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