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This page lists current NASA funding opportunities available to computational scientists and engineers, as well as past selections.


Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

Research Opportunities in Aeronautics – 2019 (ROA-2019)
ROA-2019 solicits foundational and system-level research in support of the ARMD and covers a variety of topics in aeronautics fundamental research that are being pursued by NASA personnel.
Release: Jun 20, 2019
Close: Aug 31, 2020

Science Mission Directorate (SMD)

Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) – 2020
ROSES-20 is an omnibus NASA Research Announcement containing more than 110 different proposal opportunities within SMD.
Release: Feb 14, 2020
Close: Jul 21, 2021

Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD)

Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion-2020 (SpaceTech-REDDI-2020)
STMD seeks aggressive technology development efforts that may require undertaking significant technical challenges and risk to achieve a higher potential payoff. The focus of this umbrella NRA is to identify the best ideas and talents from all sectors of the aerospace enterprise to solve future technology needs while maximizing the value of the Nation’s investment.
Release: Oct 1, 2019
Close: Sep 30, 2020

More NASA Funding Opportunities

NASA Research Opportunities
The NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) facilitates the search for NASA research opportunities across the entire agency.


Computational Modeling Algorithms and Cyberinfrastructure 2017
This program element invests in research and development activities to optimize the products and services at high-end computing (HEC) centers to increase the productivity of the users who use HEC to produce modeling products and the users who need to analyze the modeling results using the HEC resources. CMAC builds advanced modeling infrastructure used at NASA computing centers to support Earth system science investigations while fundamentally utilizing both models and data.
Computational Modeling Algorithms and Cyberinfrastructure 2014
This program element invests in technology developments to reduce the risk and cost of evolving NASA information systems to support future Earth system modeling efforts, including the integration of observational data into the model development, operations, and validation. The 2014 solicitation focuses on the information technologies and education activities required to enable and facilitate NASA’s Earth system modeling efforts.
Computational Modeling Algorithms and Cyberinfrastructure 2011
The 2011 solicitation focused on the computational technologies required to enable and facilitate the Modeling and Analysis Program and its supporting information systems.
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